Adapting Erickson NMTB30 to More Common Holders

I bought a Tree Journeyman 310 3 axis mill a few months ago. I’m just finishing the wiring and electrical install inside my shop, and then I will be placing my machines.

My mill has an Erickson 30 QC spindle. I didn’t realize what it was when I bought it, but have found that available toolholders are not very common and expensive–

I’ve been trying to figure some way to use a different tool holder that is more common and will allow more flexibility when changing out tools, etc.

One thing I’ve thought of is to get a 1″ Erickson collet tool holder, then buy some straight shank tool holders to use in it. My thought is that I can set up the tools in the straight shank holder, then just place them in the Erickson collet and swap out as needed. I saw a similar set up on a 3 axis mill using Tormach tool holders that all had the same shank diameter.

Any thoughts as to how well this would work,etc?