Cnc brainfart

Was running my 96 BP VMC1000
for 8 hours straight today doing 3d profiling on an investment cast mold part. At 530, I was a few feet away at the workbench waiting for the nearly complete program to finish. Suddenly I hear endmill bits go flying and a rapid table move. Run over, mill is error’ed out, and table is 14″ X negative of part zero and endmill clearly lost all 9 lives in one go. I can save the part with a touch of weld, but dammit it was a brand new maritool long reach profiling ball endmill haha!

The program simulation definitely did not show any kind of X-12″+ command, and machine readout was at” when the table took off to the negative. After a power cycle, tried homing, and it’s now stuck on home position and errors out as soon as drives are powered on. Been running perfectly for last 9 months. Oh the joys of cnc hah. Off to troubleshoot after dinner!