Deckel FP2 and Hardinge HLVH for sale

I’m going to start off lazy and add to this offering if anyone shows any interest.

Deckel FP2

  • Many accessories (No, really. A lot)
  • List can be added. If someone doesn’t want all the extra tables and heads, I could always sell them separately AFTER the mill is sold, paid for and gone.
  • Good shape
  • 3 Phase

Hardinge HLVH

  • Many Collets
  • Tool holders included
  • detailed list will be added
  • Tool post grinder could be included for the right price.
  • Other possibilities too
  • Good shape
  • 3 Phase

Both machines are plugged in and operational. I do very little work with them, am about to move out of state (again) and will probably hate myself for selling them at the other end, but I can always find other machines.

Price is negotiable. I will need to do some homework to find out what they are worth. (Feel free to make an offer) I figure I’ll keep all the small bits and tooling, but hey, if someone wants all the “stuff” and it would “make the deal”, I may be persuaded…

The machines are located in Cambridge, MN 55008. I can load them at this end, but it would be great if you came, checked them out, unplugged them and moved them yourself.

I will answer any questions and measure, test, photograph and basically do anything you may need to feel good about these before tripping across country to come look at them.

Thanks for looking.