DMG DMC103V Laser toolsetter working but how to use?

Ok I figured it out. The magazine list tool offset is not the actual tool length on this machine, its another type of WCS, I finally saw that “WCS” was written above the column! If you change a tools tool length in that list, it changes the WCS each time, thereby changing all the other tool offsets.

Heres the procedure that worked for this machine:

Set Work coordinate system.

Tool one with a Haimer installed. (set to same length in relation to the other tools off of a 4″ dial indicator depth tool using the procedure below using a dummy tool with a length the same with Z collapsed to read zero on a toolsetter)

Set XY and Z using the Haimer, you can only set one axis per session.

Set axis to read zero on part, go to Scratch, go to axis to be set, key in “0000” (if you try to use the default “0.000” it wont work) hit enter key, hit // red key, hit the OK key.

Repeat for each axis, if axis didnt zero repeat.

Tool offsets:

Tool one is always the reference tool. If you look in the tool offset table it should always read zero

The work coordinate system in XYZ are all set from Tool number one

To set the offset values for each tool in a program:

Put the 4 inch dial indicator tool set it on the table. Take the tool you are setting the Z length on and touch it to the indicator at zero on the indicator

go to parameter

Go to tool list

Go to tool data

Go to offsets

Enter in the dimension in the Z value on the machine page. Period be sure you pay close attention to the positive or negative sign. (there is no calculator for Z offset in this control, all Z values are entered manually)

Press enter

Press the OK button

Go to machine, press // button, Z reads 0.