Does this spindle sound funny?

Will do:

As for its looks: Blame Kiwa. heh.

The machine is a 1996, and I acquired it this year. Lots of crud in it, dried coolant, errant chips everywhere. Not the cleanest thing you have seen. I figured I should go through the machine and perform a first order maintenance, so I decided to change out the lubrication pressure metering fittings and flush the oiling system. 17 of those buggers later, about 30% of them are clogged. Only one line had a hint of contamination, but the others looked ok.

To change those fittings meant some cleaning of the local area. I didnt have any coolant in the tanks, so I decided on the hot water with the sprayer. When I got done with the cleaning, I shopvac’d and dried the machine and gave the important surfaces a spray of way oil. That seemed to fend off any forming rust.

However, that cleaning helped the encoder die. The thing had coolant leak into it and dry before I had owned it, and the new water just emulsified it and it just coated the inside of the encoder ( I did an autopsy). So that broke the encoder. its now replaced.

So for the sprayer detail, it has as much pressure as a regular spray bottle, so its not like that was forcing the water into places that weren’t already weak. If the water hurt anything, then using coolant would have also caused damage — wouldn’t you think?

As for the spindle: It could be any of those things, but if it is crying for a rebuilt, I am trying to catch it early. What can I do to diagnose here? Someone said to look for hotspots as a bad bearing will generate heat.

Whats a typical warm-up time for a spindle? if water was present, would it be forced out?

For the hotwater: I was using one of those pump-type pressurized sprayers ( like for insecticide, it only has seen water).