Doosan T 3600D – Anyone have experience with this machine?

Hello! New to forum. We are looking at a Doosan T 3600D. Pretty cool little machine. We currently have a couple Fanuc Robodrills and love them.

What’s nice about the Doosan is price, and the rotary pallet changer. Does anyone have any experience with this machine? (all we do is aluminum, and fairly light machining of small parts (same parts over and over))

Curious about the long term reliability / maintenance requirements compared to a Robodrill or Speedio.

The rotary pallet changer is very appealing as it allows full utilization of the spindle. Spindle should be on nearly all day.

Later next year we plan to add a robot to load/unload. (either on a new robodrill or speedio or to this Doosan). Again the rotary table is very appealing for manual or robot loading/unloading as it allows the spindle to keep working during change overs.

Any feedback, reviews, or insights into the Doosan would be greatly appreciated.