Fadal Hydraulic Belt Tensioner questions…

I have a VMC 4020 with the normal air powered tensioners. Considering adding the hydraulic system from the High Torque model as I have had the belt spin a few times in reverse while tapping and thats no fun. I’ve already changed to double acting cylinders to fix another problem so would only need the air/hydraulic booster setup.

Does anybody know how this system works? Can somebody explain it? Doesnt look like the air/hydraulic booster is nearly big enough to fill the cylinders. Does the piston assembly reciprocate somehow to provide enough fluid? If not then how does this work?

Does anybody know what pressure the system runs at? Or the diameter of the air/hydraulic pistons? The Fadal system kinda looks like a bit of a mess. And I’ve heard they tend to run dry. Theres no reservoir and looks like a pain to check/add fluid. Sort of considered making my own booster unit from scratch. Or maybe looking at air pressure intensifiers instead. Any thoughts? Should I just buy the factory one and bolt it on and stop thinking about it?hyd-0017.jpghydraulics.jpg