Fadal – Slightly loose toolholder along Y-Axis

Hi, I have a Fadal 2016L with non-locking drawbar. I noticed that I can slightly rock a toolholder by hand in the Y-axis direction by maybe a few thou, but the X-Axis seems solid. First thing to check through forum advice is the belleville washers. I did a replacement of this along with the floater ring with new ones even though all the old washers appeared to be fine. 47 Springs in total making sure they were oriented correctly with he bottom washer cupping downwards. Even with replacement, I still notice the issue.

One thing I wasn’t too sure about and hope someone can maybe help clarify, the drawbar seems to have two grooves in it (see attached picture). Does the locking half moons go into the first or second groove from the top? I have it in the first groove as that is how it was on the old setup before replacement. I read a thread where someone mentions that it should go on the second groove from top with an o-ring on first groove?:

“While all that’s off look at the draw bar locking half rings, undo the 4 allen bolts and remove the cap, there is an o ring grove above the groove for the locking half rings, if they didn’t compress the springs enough they may have used the o ring groove

If the locking half rings are in the right position, and the draw bar is not being pushed from above then it is the spring count/layering that is the issue (first last springs not facing outward)”.

Any other advice or recommendations? Appreciate the help.