Good Drill set/ taps for general material

Ever since I got my VF2ssyt 3 weeks ago, I’ve been drowning in tooling options now that I have the power to run such tooling. One of the areas I lack is drilling and taps. I ran some rigid tapping cycles last night and surprised how smooth it is. Before I had to thread mill which took a long time.

Material is mostly alum but some 304/316

I’m wanting to get a cobalt drill set 1/16 – 1/2 in 64th increments. I was looking at Precision Twist and YG1 Gold.

Taps, I’m looking mostly at OSG but feel it’s just best to buy a few when I need them. I understand there are vastly amount of variable that come in to play when picking a tap for a job. However, is there a general tap you use, example spiral point bottom, straight flute bottom?