Heidenhain TNC 530- example NFS settings request

I’ve been the IT guy supporting the connections to a few Heidenhain controls for a number of years and have managed to get them connected to NFS on SunOS, Windows NT or Linux servers ok.

Today I’ve been at a different site and have enabled NFS on a Windows SBS 2011 machine and got a couple of older Heidenhains talking to it just fine. The is an older server that had an Xlinx NFS server on it, we want to take this server offline.

One Correa has a slightly newer control on it (TNC 530 I think) which also supports SMB. The shopfloor guys are using TNCremo to send files to it, but the configuration on the machine doesn’t work to let it talk to the network server like the other machines do. (It has never been able to talk to the old server either.)

NC Software version no. 34090 03 SP3
Feature content level —

I spent a number of hours trying different variations of the settings and checked in an online manual where I found a description of the options needed for SMB mode, but no joy.
Trying to mount one of the NFS shares, it hangs for a few minutes and then fails.
The other NFS share fails immediately. The SMB share fails immediately with “Drive not found”

Can someone help with a known working set of MOUNT settings?
I have four mounts defined, the top one was already there and the syntax looks wrong for sure.

0 KESB001/nc-serv 1
1 server 1
2 oldserver NFS 1
3 //server/nc-serv smb-server SMB IP=,USERNAME=xxxxxx,WORKGROUP=yyyy,PASS WORD=zzz8; 1

I’ve added entries 1,2,3. Two other, older controls were already connecting to option 2 and are today taking to option 1.
The UID, GID, OEM, uid for mount are set to 10,10,10,USER.

The IP address is set statically and can ping the servers.
I can connect to the NFS and SMB shares from my Linux laptop. Could the semi-colon in the password be an issue?

It would really help if the manual just gave an example of all of the SMB settings in full. The screenshot shows NFS settings that look like the above.

Any help appreciated ! What am I missing with the syntax?