Hermle 851 UWF Spindle Getting Warmer Than Usual

Hi all,
Yesterday when machining I noticed the tool holder was much warmer than I’m used to. Checked the oil flow through the spindle and flow looks good. Appears the bearing(s) may be going in the spindle. Looking for any information on spindle rebuilding services around Colorado, whether or not anyone has been into this spindle(is it a good candidate to repair in-house?), and any spindle repair houses that are recommended.

I have a service call into Hermle. Waiting to hear back. I’ll update the post with their recommendations.

UPDATE: Heard back from Hermle. They are sending over a parts list, quote for new bearings, drawings and instructions for repairing. Looks like the only other option, through Hermle, is to pack the spindle up and send to Germany which I don’t think I’ll be doing. I’ve had nothing but great service from Hermle in Wisconsin. Always surprises me that they even pick up the phone for me and my 29 year old machine.