How much bugs and faults should you accept on a brand new machine (Haas)?

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Beta-testing machine control software on users does not sound like a good idea to me.

Unfortunately, Haas did EXACTLY that with the NGC.

Even more unfortunate: We have allowed them to get away with it!!!

When compared to the classic control, the NGC is an absolute piece of garbage, written by people who should have remained at Google where they cannot cause any body injury!
Having seen some software release docs, the entire coding team should have been fired on the spot along with some executives, and perhaps Gene should have had
a piece of his tail clipped by some legal entity.

Seriously, I have 2 NGC machines here.
They do work, but have had to wipe spit off of the screen a few times.

As to the OP, some minor cosmetic issues are OK but nothing else that limits the function of the equipment.

That 30 – 60 – 10% payment deal sounds fucked up too BTW.