Inverse time question

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That’s what I thought!
I only question that because it seems that my Genos goes slower on higher G93 values. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it’s crawling around my part. But on a straight A move it’s super fast.

It might not be G93 that is the problem, it could also be HiCut Pro clamping down feed rates, or getting some funky motion, around the very short path segments that drive the higher feed rate numbers.

The funky thing about G93 is that the relationship between velocity and the feed rate number isn’t constant. In standard G94, the velocity of the tool on a .001″ block versus a 10.000″ block is identical. In inverse time, the feed rate is a function of the path length. Then you add path smoothing and accel/decel control (HiCut Pro) to the mix, and you add a lot more complexity.