Manual saw for cutting up blanks recommendations.

Gundog, what size material are you cutting? We have a cold saw and a band saw, and they both have their place. Both are Jet brand.

Pros on the cold saw- accurate, hold .005 tolerance and very good surface finish, might save a machining op. Fast to set angles. Nicer to use than a bandsaw, not bending over the thing. Cons are that you need the blade pitch matched fairly closely to the cutting thickness, so if you go from 1/4″ round to 1-1/2″ square you’ll need to change blades. Kind of annoying.

We cut a bunch of 3-1/2″x3/16″ wall DOM tubing to +/-.010, and using the cold saw saved having to face them on the lathe after using the bandsaw. But the vibration would float your molars, we all hated that job. Now we order them cut (like has been recommended), and life is much better.