Mori seiki…..grrrrrr…..problems!!!

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Your control is built on Mitsubishi hardware with the Mori U/I and touchscreen.

Start by initializing your GOP parameters if you have them all backed up. Do you use the “conversational programming function? If so there are a bunch of parameters called Dialog Parameters you need to have a backup of. Then read all of this old thread…

Mori MSC-803 control touchscreen flip to Japanese

Follow the GOP initialization procedure.

i do have a backup of the gop parameters. i have read this thread and used the info to initialize. altho my hard copy of my gop says #38
99: clearing the interactive programming side memory

98: clearing and initial setting of the nc programming side memory

97: clearing the interactive and nc programming memory and initial setting of the nc programming side memory

96: creating the GOP system ROM

at the end of this hard copy they have a modification record where they added number “96” to number 38

so i dont know if the procedure will work for me if at some point i dont enter number “96”??

the way i enter programs is call up a new program number o and then the program number and i enter it line by line on the screen. i do not use any of the “features”
that mori provides. we are a small company so when we get a new part the owner and i go in the office with the blueprint and create the program. then i enter into the

i am not a newbie but i am the next step above that so i want to learn everything i can to make this machine run.
also the hard copy of parameters i have has parameter numbers above 10000 and i have no idea where those are for me to access them?
thank you for your help,
i have about 40+ hours in trying to fix this machine and its driving me crazier!