My new Brother Speedio toolsetter offset mount

Hi guys,

The spirited discussion around MiamiCNC’s machine selection motivated me to finally make an offset toolsetter mount. This is what I came up with:


It’s steel, so it will be super-duper accurate . I happened to have a piece of 3/4″ wall steel angle on hand that I used.

Couple things that I learned while making this:

1. When mounted at the very corner of the table, you don’t have any good options for skim cutting in-situ. A big facemill can reach in X and Y, but not in Z unless you have some big extended-length facemill. Endmills can reach in Z, but not in X and Y.
2. Yes, parallelism of the mounting surface to the table is very important. After a couple tweaks, I got it close enough so that the error between big (5/8″) and little (1/8″) tools is ~.0001″.