Need G-Code for three axis chamfer path.

I do not have cam software to generate a path to cut the chamfer highlighted below. If a member can provide the code please send me a PM with your email and I can provide the solid model. It is a native SolidWorks 2019 file, but I can send it in any format that will work for you.

The machine is a 2014 Hass TM-2P mill. For an idea of scale the ball on the part is Ø1.594″. The material is Cast C836 Brass. I will be using a 3/8″Ø x 90° included, carbide chamfer tool. The part is mounted on the a-axis with with the ball of the part pointed in the negative X direction, Y0 is the part centerline, X0 is the face opposite the ball. I’m tired of deburring these by hand.