New (to us) Brother TC-31A – and man do I have questions!

After years of reading about these Brother things here, and even demoing a Sister, I’ve convinced an employer to get a Brother!

It’s a 1999 with A00 controls and I think it was originally sold to Johnson Components in Minnesota. Ring a bell with any of you? It has a beautiful hydraulic clamping setup for each pallet I hope to use one day.

Here’s the burning immediate question – how do we continuously run a job on 2 pallets? We’ll be using G code not conversational. My only experience is with a Mazak HTC-400 where I made a macro to keep track of pallets / work offsets and swapped them at the end of the program with a GOTO to start over. Is it done like this with the A00, or do they have a more elegant way?

How does it know it’s safe to swap pallets? Door switch?

There a switch on the panel, “Off / Pallet 1 / Pallet 1+2 / Pallet 2”, is that thing involved with this?

I have the manuals and will read them, but it’s the end of the quarter crunch time and wanted to make sure I have the info for the weekend.

Bonus question if someone feels particularly generous with their time (and I do appreciate all your help) – is there a way to automatically shut the coolant pump off like we’ve read about on the newer machines? Setting 101 or something?

Thank you!