NotePad ++

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What’s better in ++ than it is in the regular one?


I like it for dual path programs.
You can lay them out side by side (two winders open)
Then set the wait codes side by side.
It will then scroll together.

Just makes dual path programs so much less cornfusing.

That is exactly how I write them on paper, but if wanting to doo heavy edits to existing programs, the ++ is nice.

I also like to use it for searching from a whole list of programs off the card that aren’t “put away” yet.
You can open the whole list at one time, and just close them as you go through – looking for the one that you want.
WAY quicker than open one, and then close it and try the next…..

Thanks Dan!
The older version(s) that I have used never had that feature, or at least it didn’t default to “enable” at least.


Think Snow Eh!