Price Check requested on a job I just finished (reason for $ check below)

Hey all!
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The job: Bore and internal broach a keyway, to accept a 1″ keyed shaft
Material: Customer supplied, pre-cut to length, Ø1.937″ x 20″ lg. 1018crs
Machine: Genos L300M, live tooled, 2″ bar machine.
Qty: 11 pcs
Work scope:

  1. Prep work: face and chamfer x 1/16 on the OD, each end
  2. Drill Ø.94″ x 2.2″ deep
  3. Step drill over to Ø.97, and drill/bore 2.19″ deep
  4. ID groove to 1.28″ @ 1.5″ back from the face. (for chip breaking at end of keyway.)
  5. Fin bore to Ø1.0005 – 1.0015 x 2″ deep
  6. Ph Horn (SHU117 broaching tool), broach a 1/4″ w x 1.5″ long keyway

Here is the issue, and why I am looking for a price check.
The writing of the broaching part of the program (and successive emails back/forth from Okuma applications, spanning over a week, and a holiday) took forever.

I am willing to eat that specific programming portion, as I/ we needed to learn, and it is now an easy task to change the variables, scaling up or down.

Since I cannot charge for “learning curve” time on my end, the recorded “on-job time” is artificial.

I am looking at what the job “should cost”
Assume a shop had to do the drilling/ boring, then send out for keyway cutting, shipping each way….

Here is my question to the group, and I suspect the answers will vary from one end of the spectrum to the other.

What would YOU charge for this job????

I am trying to get away from just time/material = cost, and working towards what the part “should cost” for the industry served, tolerance, and specialty of the work.

Thanks all,