Renishaw MP10 with OMM-R?

I think you’re SOL. Both devices need an R in their name from what I can tell. Different frequencies. OMM-R is used in dual probe setups to eliminate cross talk between two probes of the same type. One will be OMM and one OMM-R. MI12 is good for both but that doesn’t solve your problem. MP10 is infrared not visible.

You still got a shit ton to do getting what you already have installed. Plenty of time to find and get the proper receiver on its way. Your OMM-R bracketry is likely identical or nearly so to OMM so it could be mounted in waiting along with the cabling.

Maybe you know all this already… but – Don’t forget you need software/macros too. (Not cheap) Also need a Skip Signal Input on your control. Hopefully a High Speed Skip signal. You’ll have to build or buy a cord for that. (Possibly two or three shielded wires tops into a high pin count connector.) With both a table mount tool measuring device and spindle probe, there’s a high probability you’ll need a basic 24VDC relay that is switchable with an M code. That way you can select which probe you’re dealing with at any one time and send that signal to your skip input. Locating and connecting to the pins on your I/O board for that M signal can be time consuming. You may or may not have some probe/tool setter functionality built into the MTB’s part of the machine systems. If you do you’ll likely have documentation about it somewhere. One can hope anyway. Will definitely save you money on software/macros.

Last thing… plan on making a cover for your tool setter. They get brutalized pretty badly by chips created during the machining process. Big drill chips can be the worst. After your probe arm gets completely knocked off of alignment a few times you’ll get plenty sick of resetting it. Better to be prepared from the start. Don’t ask how I know this. 🙂

Good luck!