Rotary Router Lathe combo

Hello everyone,
I have made a router and it’s a 1.5m x 3m x 5oomm 3 axis machine with a 4th axis rotary attached to the length of my machine which is my X axis.

It’s a typical xyz machine with a rotary axis on “a”

I can do any type of 2 or 3 axis routing and rotary axis routing, no worries there.

What I would like tho is to make my rotary axis a full on lathe as well.

Here’s what i have and some of the problems that i need help with:-

1. The mach 3 rotary axis post processor posts the “y” axis as the “A” axis.
2. The mach 3 lathe uses the “y” axis as the tool post, (as it should).
3. The rotary part of my machine has 2 spindles, one on “z” axis and an “a” axis.
4. I need the “z” axis to be the tool holder, which is my spindle, and “A” axis still to be the
chuck, or rotary axis, but mach 3 has used “Y” axis as “A”, and “Z” axis is not the tool holder
in the lathe.

The mach 3 post processors that i use for both 3 axis routing and rotary axis routing are separate tool posts but i would like them to somehow be one specific to these 3 axis routers with a rotary attachment.

A machine where we can turn a part first on the rotary axis, where “Z” axis is the tool like it is on the router side, instead of “Y” axis as it is on the lathe. Then carve something into it or pocket out some holes or shapes would be delicious.

In my mind its not a big thing accept i don’t know how to make a post processor, Is there anyone who can help me with one that can do this, i’m sure anyone with a rotary attachment on their 3 axis router would love a post processor like this.

I use Rhino cad, Aspire, and i’m about to learn Solid works and this machine uses mach3

I hope that’s all the info you need, if anyone can help that would be fantastic. if you need more just shout.

ps, I hope this makes sense.