T10 Fin wait 000 error on DMG Mori NLX

I am trying to run a program:
Starts with some turning on the main spindle. Transfer to sub spindle (with pull and cutoff). Facing and turning on the sub. Then it is supposed to drill a hole with live tooling.
The program stops at M245 (engage C-axis)and the control says “T10 fin wait 0000”.
I have been trying to figure out what the problem is for a few hours but no luck.

This is what the Mitsubishi manual says:
The following Nos. are shown during the operation of the corresponding completion wait
factor. The numbers will disappear when the operation is completed.
The completion wait factor is indicated with four digits (in hexadecimal).
Display format of completion wait factor
0__ __ __
Each of the hexadecimal numbers (a), (b) and (c) indicates the following details.
bit0: In dwell execution
bit3: Unclamp signal wait (Note 1)
bit0: Waiting for spindle position to be looped
bit3: Door open (Note 2)
bit0: Waiting for MSTB completion
bit1: Waiting for rapid traverse deceleration
bit2: Waiting for cutting speed deceleration
bit3: Waiting for spindle orientation to com
(Note 1) This shows the wait state for the unclamp signal’s ON/OFF for the index table
(Note 2) This shows the door open state caused by the door interlock function.