Traub TLN 26 2006 swiss with 2006 FMB MODEL TURBO 5-42 Barfeed

To be clear I bought it at the original auction for less than I am asking. They are still onsite in Indianapolis. Originally bought it with the intention of using it and will still if there is no interest but also purchased another machine in the same auction that is a little more in my comfort zone. I am a little worried about Traub support out here on the west coast. Looks like they are much more common in the Midwest. Still looking into that.

If it is a good fit for someone and I make a few bucks and don’t have to deal with it, win win.

So I am seeing if anyone wants to buy it from me and pick it up in Indiana. Rigger lists $850 to disconnect everything, drain oil etc. and load on a truck. It is a big project so purchaser would have to work with riggers time frame.