Yikes….what is the deal with eBay now adding sales tax to buyers purchases ?

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I’m more concerned about this as a seller than buyer. I haven’t sold any tooling items on eBay in a long time but have in the last few days I have….and was shocked eBay is adding sales tax appropriate for the buyers state. This would expecially suck on larger ticket items. As to paying the state involved a random discussion from a year ago indicates eBay collects and pays the tax …. but in my case the invoice and Paypal seem to collect the tax in my account thus making me responsible … did they change the policy to put the “send the tax to appropriate state” burden on the seller ??

That’s stupid! They have all of the information and could/should automatically send the money to the appropriate state and notify you as such.

It’s even worse than that!
I bought some things a few months ago and instead of charging you one lump sum, they broke it out into multiple charges.
I looked at my credit card statement and said WTF are all these weird charges? The charges were different from what the totals said on eBay. My credit card company closed that card out of fear of fraud/false charges that later turned out to be real, but stupidly, unnecessarily complicated!

eBay and PayPal are the worst!
TERRIBLE user interface, awfulcustomer service, obfuscation and far too inconsistent and complicated!